Wife of Nigerian shipping magnate ordered to pay husbands legal charges as local Marriage not legal in UK

A Nigerian woman Mercy Ogbedo, married to business shipping magnate Moses Taiga has been ordered to pay her ex husband’s legal cost (£100,000,). She claimed she was duped into marring the billionaire because she had no prior knowledge of his former marriage in 1974 Benin, West Africa.

Mrs Mercy Ogbedo

Mrs Mercy Ogbedo

Mercy Ogbedo believed she married shipping magnate Moses Taiga in an elaborate ceremony in Nigeria where her feet were washed by village elders and a dowry was paid for her as a ‘bride price’.The couple married in 2002 and had twins together, but Mrs Ogbedo then spent a decade pursuing the tycoon for financial support through the British courts – only to be told she would not get a penny because their wedding ceremony was invalid.

The court heard that having more than one wife is allowed under Nigerian law, but Mrs Ogbedo applied to the British courts in 2003 to have her marriage dissolved because of her husband’s behaviour, and to force Mr Taiga to pay maintenance for their children.

The High Court ordered she should be given £300,000 a year – but Mr Taiga went to the Nigerian courts and successfully argued that their wedding was invalid, because of his church marriage in Benin.

The court ruled that Mrs Ogbedo’s was a ‘non-marriage’, which meant precisely nothing in the eyes of the law.

The High Court then ruled it could not hand over any of Mr Taiga’s fortune because he was never legally married to Mrs Ogbedo, and that she should pay most of his legal costs.

To cut the long story short, since Mr Taiga’s split with Mrs Ogbedo, he has ended his first marriage and has recently married a third wife “Yinka” with whom he has quadruplets.

Rihanna stuns crowd with Risqué Dress.

amfAR LA Inspiration Gala Honoring Tom Ford Hosted By Gwyneth Paltrow2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala

RiRi is probably the queen of the red carpet this year with her strip dress. She was at the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala held at Milk Studios in Hollywood and she looked amazing. Although, we very much have a distaste for her over baring nature, however, you can’t help but admire her tenacity and soft spot for media attention.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio

Model Alessandra Ambrosio

Singer: Miley Cyrus

Singer: Miley Cyrus

Actress Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone

Rocsi Diaz

Rocsi Diaz

Apple CEO comes gay clean! Next?


Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook said Thursday that he was “proud to be gay,” a declaration that puts an openly gay man at the helm of the world’s most valuable company.“If Tim Cook can be openly gay, then it just shouldn’t matter in any other corporation in America,” said Trevor Burgess, the openly gay CEO of the Florida bank C1 Financial Inc., which went public in August.

Treat her like a Lady – Neymar sends private jet to collect model he met at Ibizar to Barcelona

1414674835015_wps_30_Neymar_of_Barcelona_looks 1414674907673_wps_31_Pic_shows_The_busty_Serbi

Neymar does know how to treat a lady special. He met a model last summer, whilst on vacation in Ibizar. It is reported that the two couldn’t stay apart for too long, hence, Neymar cancelled the original ticket planned for the model and he sent a private jet to bring her “Soraja Vucelic” and friend to Barcelona. It can be imagined what luxury awaited her in Barcelona, where she spent days in deluxe. 

1414674641688_wps_23_Pic_shows_Champion_League 1414674927097_wps_34_Pic_shows_Champion_League 1414674920690_wps_33_Pic_shows_The_busty_Serbi

That says it all, when you are big, you do big things, you spend big, hang out with big, classy people and date models.

Butt Job goes wrong- Nigerian/British girl dies

Joy Williams, A  24year old British of Nigerian decent died 23rd of October 2014 in Thailand, where she planned to have a cosmetic surgery to enhance her butt went wrong.

unnamedThe beautiful looking woman lived in Thamesmead, London, UK with her mum, however, family members were not aware of her trip to Thailand.

Photo clips from Daily Mail showed the the clinic she attend before the surgery failed.


It is reported that she visited the clinic on the 14th of October, which she found online for the surgery to enhance her butt. Some days later, her wounds got infected and she returned to the clinic for corrective surgery. Sadly, she was found dead on the operating table with a three inch-long stitched incision on her tail bone after medical staff found they were unable to resuscitate her.

The doctor who carried out the procedure, Sompob Sansiri, 51, was later arrested and accused of negligence after it was found that he had been carrying out night-time surgery without a license.
He has now been charged with recklessness causing death and could face 10 years in jail if found guilty.

Tonto Dikeh – N150K or N700K Chanel Bag

Go lucky girl Tonto Dikeh, is said to have woken up this morning to a luxury Chanel Bag. Conflicting report on the actual price.**that’s not News**  However, she’s got one more luxury bag added to her wardrobe. It’s crystal clear, her boo gave her the bag, which she showed off on her instagram page, captioned

 “Waking Up to this** God Bless all d Good men Left with Us Angels**#X GOOD MORNING ANGELS”

All good Women love their bags and shoes.. Jah bless!!


Lady Jay violently abused by Manager

G3 G7

Violence against women is wrong and should be rejected. News-feed reports’ Ghanian musician, Lady Jay was brutally assaulted by her manager over some money matters. It is sad though, however, police has been informed and hopefully he will be caught as the manager has Johnny walker.

Please, re tweet and share until the authorities apprehend the uncontrolled manager.  The dude just spoil a fine woman’s face. It makes me wonder what he could have done to other female artist.


A New Dawn- Nollyhood Artist **Apply Within**

News is going viral, Nollyhood artist are drifting into politics. It is a new trend in the business from acting on scene to Live participation in Aso-Rock. ****Not the Dalston eatery in Hackney***

Live political business; sitting with Senators, Governors and indeed Mr. President.

Life is a stage, I was told and it’s all about putting yourself forward and having a focus.


Bob Manuel Udokwu


Tony One Week Muonagor

Two Nollyhood actors Bob Manuel Udokwu and Tony One Week Muonagor are contesting against each other for Idemili North constituency in Anambra ‎State House of Assembly. **Gba o!** the latter is a member of All Progressives Congress (APC) while the former is contesting under the All progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). It is reported that they are both making waves in their pursuit of political office.

Tribal Marks and Me.

It came to mind what it will be like to be marked for life with a Tribal Mark. It’s indeed an interesting feature to have on your face, exactly like a Versace logo on your face as you go about your daily business.  Thanks to a dorogeneration, Sparingly, we missed out on the action to be branded for life.

A look alike of Djimon Hounsou


How interesting my African brothers and sisters will look like.

On the positive trend, you are still who you are, despite tribal mark or not. Sky is still your limit, if you are in the right environment, meeting the right people and focus oriented! And beauty, can not be covered even if you put on a hijab.

Check this out!