Police parade dogs – Public outcry for dogs to be killed. (Viewers Discretion)


After the attack by the dogs.


Treated and getting better.

Two dogs that attacked a four year old boy four weeks ago has been paraded by the Nigerian police at the police headquarters in Ikeja, due to public outcry that the dogs should be put down. The Commissioner for Police, Cornelius Aderanti, said only a court of law could decide whether the two dogs will be killed or not.

The police veterinary doctor Yahaya Usman confirmed that the dogs are free of rabies and other dog related diseases. “So far, they have not shown any negative trait. The medical history shows that they don’t have rabies or the Ebola Virus Disease. The dogs are with us, and only the court will determine what happens to the dogs.


 Summary of Case

Omonigho Abraham is a four-year-old boy who was attacked by the two dogs over four weeks ago.

The dogs chewed the skin on his scalp and exposed the child’s skull during the attack, which happened at Adegboyega Street, Akesan Estate, in the Igando area of Lagos metropolis.

It was reported that the dogs dragged him through the compound for over an hour, while police and sympathizers’ watched helplessly from the entrance of the house for fear of being attacked by the dogs.

Report taken from Omonigho’s brother; Osemudiamen (7years) who was present during the attack states that the dogs had chased him, Omonigho and their elder brother, Bobby (13 years), while they were taking turns to ride a bicycle.

He said, “We were riding a bicycle in the compound when the big dogs ─ Jack and Gadaffi ─ started barking at us. Later, they moved towards us.

“My elder brother and I quickly ran upstairs and locked the door while Omo (Omonigho), who could not run fast, was left behind.

“When he got to the door, he knocked that we should open for him and as we did, one of the dogs forced his way into the house with him.

“We all ran out. Bobby jumped down from upstairs and I also jumped. But Omo could not jump, so the dog attacked him.

“The other dog also joined in the attack and there was nothing we could do.”

His two brothers, who survived, also got injured. Osemudiamen has a fracture while has a minor injury.

It was reported that the Police later arrested the dogs and their owner Stanley Wesley for attacking Omonigho.

Omonigho was later taken to the Hospital after the incident and he was in a critical state at Lagos state University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja.

The Police spokesperson, Lagos State Command, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, said the police were the ones that actually rescued the victim.

Nwosu said, “I can confirm to you that on September 25, at about 5.40pm, dogs belonging to one Stanley Wesley attacked and harmed a four-year-old boy and the matter was reported at the Igando Police Division.

“The report from the Divisional Police Officer indicated that the dogs were being kept to undergo some tests, while their owner had been arrested.

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